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BBC: Poles party for Pope's jubilee
Celebrations have begun across Poland to mark Pope John Paul II's silver jubilee next week… For many, our correspondent reports, the Pope is regarded as the greatest Pole in history.

Greatest Pole in history? What about Chopin? What about Madame Curie? What about Szymanowski? What about bloody Copernicus, for Christ's sake? Yeah, Copernicus: remember him? He's the one who pointed out that the pope might not be all that infallible when it came to the whole earth-round-sun vs. sun-round-earth debate. Yes, Copernicus gets my vote.

One sign of someone's greatness is when you refer to them using just their surname, and everyone knows who you're talking about—Chopin, Curie, Szymanowski, Copernicus, Darwin, Newton, Einstein, Churchill—you get the idea. So what's this about the pope being great? Wojtyla, I ask you!

I seem to be having a bit of a downer on the pope today—just for a change.

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  1. Einstein Tell us that everything revolves around everthing else so effectively the earth is the centre of the universe, along with everything else,

    Who's Capernicus

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