Richard Saves the Day

Last week, Carolyn asked me to do her 'a big favour': would I mind picking up eleven toy bicycles for her to put in some party bags she is putting together for her young son's birthday party next weekend? I said I'd do my best, but, in the end, I could only get five. Today, I met Carolyn for coffee:

"Here are those toy bikes you wanted."
"Brilliant! I managed to get some more at the weekend, so now I have enough for one each."
"So does that mean I saved the day?"
"Does that mean I saved the day?"
"Well, I saved the day as well, because I got some of the bikes."
"Yes, but as far as you are concerned, it's me who saved the day…"
"Well, let's say we both saved the day."
"No, let's not. Admit it: it was me who saved the day as far as you're concerned."
"OK, I admit it."
"No, say it; say, 'You saved the day'."
"[Sigh] You saved the day."
"No, don't whisper; say it so I can hear it!"
"You saved the day."

So there you have it, it's official: I saved the day!

Richard Carter

A fat, bearded chap with a Charles Darwin fixation.

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