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BBC: Contraceptive pill advert pulled
An advert for a contraceptive pill has been withdrawn after Catholics and other groups complained to the advertising watchdog. The poster for morning-after pill Levonelle One Step used the phrase "immaculate contraception"…

The ASA upheld the complaints, including from the National Association of Catholic Families and the Catholic Truth Society, saying that the headline was "likely to cause serious or widespread offence".

I can't help feeling that these people seriously need to re-examine their sense of moral outrage. I mean, which is more offensive:

  • a weak pun, based on a mythical event in which a mythical omnipotent being bent one into a mythical virgin, thereby begetting a mythical messiah
  • a religion whose dogma dictates that all its followers—even those in poor, overpopulated countries, and countries where AIDS is rife—should not use contraception of any type

Bonkers, in both senses of the word.

See also: Letter to His Holiness the Pope (Julian Date)

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