17 not out

Stense and me on a hill
Me (right) and a fragrant scarlethead (left).

Today saw my seventeenth annual Christmas Eve ascent of Moel Famau in North Wales. This time, I was accompanied by my favourite scarlethead, the delightfully fragrant Stense.

Hitchin, if you're reading this, remember how back in 1986 I told you that I had seen a raven flying upside-down while grunting like a pig (the raven, that is)? Remember how you told me to stop being silly? Well, while I was on top of the hill this morning, I saw a couple more ravens doing exactly the same thing—and this time I had a witness. I hope you're not going to call Stense a liar too. That would make her a fragrant liar.

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  1. Remaining fragrant after shlepping up a moutain is some achievement.

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