Conversation with Vodafone Customer Services

V: …Right, that's your password verified, Mr Carter. How can I help?
R: I've just received my latest bill. It's a bit higher than I was expecting. It's usually around £25-30. This month, it's £275.74.
V: Wow!
R: I haven't used the phone any more than usual this month, but I might have sent one or two more text messages.
V: Where to, the moon?
R: I know exactly what's happened. I got a new phone last month, and I ordered a car-kit for £250. Vodafone took my card details, but then discovered the car-kit wasn't available yet and said they'd refund my money. My bill shows several in- and out-transactions of £250 as someone has tried to sort out the mess, but they've got their calculations wrong somewhere.
V: That's exactly what's happened. I'll sort it out immediately.
R: No wonder you lot can afford to sponsor Manchester United.

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