Stense and I went out for a pub meal and a few pints last night. She is one alopecoid lady, and a 200 carat diamond geezer.

As luck would have it, the woman who cuts my and Jen's hair popped round the morning before. I asked her to try to do a decent job this time, as I was going out on a hot date with one of my other women. She did the best she could with the material available, then, for good measure, she leant over with her scissors and snipped the end off what she described as my curly right eyebrow.

Curly eyebrows. Christ, I'm getting old!

Richard Carter

A fat, bearded chap with a Charles Darwin fixation.


  1. Yes.

    I decided to fix an awful kludge in the coding for these comments pages, which has been bugging me for ages, but I got a bit carried away.

    It's very Web 2.0.

    Well, Web 1.5 at least.

  2. I don't think the underline feature works (for effect the word "underline" was underlined).

    BTW I originally used the word underscore in this submission, however over use of that particular word undermines ones limited faith in how to spell. Even with the aid of the Open Office spell checker.

  3. No, it's DOH! Hold your head there & go DOH!

    Homer Simpson meets The Sound of Music featuring Michael Palin (if only), come on Matt Groening, make my day!

  4. They've already done the D'oh! A deer! A female deer! joke on The Simpsons. If memory serves, it's in the episode where Bart has a pet elephant.

    Of course, what we really want is for Matt Groening to do an episode featuring Captain Beefheart. Groening is a major Beefheart fan.

  5. I love his Troutmask & Ronny Raygun stories from The Artist Formerly Known As Captain Beefheart.

    I hope the BBC bring that one out on DVD some day.

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