Jen and I have been catching up on a major backlog of episodes from the latest series of 24, and we're very confused:

[Spoiler Alert]


Sam Gamgee had his key-pass stolen, and didn't report it, right? The terrorists needed the key-pass to gain access to CTU to release the nerve gas, right? This was because of the very tight security at CTU, right? No key-pass, no entry.

So how did Sam Gamgee manage to get back into CTU after being mugged, when he no longer had a key-pass? Answer us that!

And, come to think of it, how did the terrorists know that Sam Gamgee was going to be in CTU in the first place, when he was only sent in from Division a couple of hours ago?

And, come to think of it some more, how did the terrorists know that they would need access to CTU at all, when their original plan was to escape the country with the nerve gas? Are you telling us they managed to make contact and broker a deal with Sam Gamgee's drug-addict sister's boyfriend in the space of a couple of hours? Come off it!

And why does everyone keep referring to Sam Gamgee as Lynn? Lynn is a girl's name!

This one has conspiracy written all over it.

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