Like mother, like son

Aran with rabbit
Aran with rabbit.
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It was Carolyn's son Aran's eighth birthday on Monday. Carolyn tricked me into agreeing to go along to the party to take photos. She was pretty devious, asking me if I wouldn't mind taking a few photos of Aran, then, after I'd agreed, pointing out that it would be his birthday, and there would be 21 other kids there.

Actually, it was a pretty good do, which was held on a local organic farm, where the kids got to ride in a tractor trailer, feed farm animals, play in a lavender maze (which was really cool) and have a hay fight. It was a glorious day, and the views over the Welsh hills and Dee Estuary were magnificent (albeit marred by the new off-shore wind powerstation).

Aran is certainly his mother's son all right. Guess what he wanted (and got) for his birthday present. Go on, you'll never guess…

A water butt.

Richard Carter

A fat, bearded chap with a Charles Darwin fixation.


  1. Name two ecologicallyaware vegetarians..

    Oh yes..Albert Einstein & Charles Darwin!

  2. For a so-called vegetarian, Charles Darwin certainly ate an awful lot of animals, including emus, tortoises, pumas' foetuses and (I'm not making this up) owls. One of his best mates did, however, invent the word ecology.

  3. If one knew the weight of your man Charles and the weight of the owl he was consuming - one could work out whether he came close to being 2% owl

    Would have to be a large owl, probably

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