British People in Hot Weather

Is it unbelievably hot this week, or is it just Stense?

To quote the Good Captain, sun's all hottin' and a rottin' hot. If this is global warning, then I'm against it. 38°C it was in my car yesterday afternoon. That's Gas Mark 2 in old money.

I went for a meeting in a hot and sticky, pokey little conference room on Tuesday, with only a noisy fan and an empty water cooler to alleviate our suffering. Just before the meeting started, a colleague's phone rang with a ridiculous, plinky, unrecognisable ringtone.

"Oh good, the ice cream van's arrived!" called out another colleague. "Two choc-ices and a cornet, please!" he added, as the first colleague left the room to answer the call.

Richard Carter

A fat, bearded chap with a Charles Darwin fixation.


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