Compare and contrast (my emphasis added):

BBC: Barrymore admits suicide thoughts

Entertainer Michael Barrymore has admitted he considered ending his life after the death of a man in his swimming pool in 2001.

… Barrymore, who has published a new book called Awight Now, Setting The Record Straight, said he hoped audiences would accept him again so that he could stage a comeback.

Guardian: Blunkett: how I cracked under the strain of scandal

David Blunkett today reveals the full extent of his emotional turmoil at the time of his resignation as home secretary, admitting that he "cracked" and that "at one point I really did think I was going mad".

… He is now re-entering the political arena with a controversial memoir based on the taped diaries he recorded at the end of each week.

Anyone might think that writing an autobiography causes one to start admitting to sure-fire, headline-grabbing angst.

More Blunkett madness:

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  1. The Mirror came up withexactly the same conclusion this week, but they went one better by extracting the mostinteresting quote from each of about 20 biographies & went on to say that 'reading these quotes printed here willsave a fortune on buying these ultra lightweight biographies'.

    On the subject of Michael Barrymore: I heard he was thinking of getting married again...Apparently he was overheard saying that each time he meets a potential new partner, he fantasises about having their ring on his finger!

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