Don't Shoot Me I'm Only the Jehovah Prayer

BBC: Ban organised religion: Sir Elton

Sir Elton John has said he would like to see all organised religion banned and accused it of trying to "turn hatred towards gay people".

What a total pillock!

It's pretty damn rich for a gay man of all people to call for an activity practiced by millions of others (often in private, amongst consenting adults) to be banned.

What we really need, Sir Elton, is for people to work out for themselves that homophobia is wrong, and to work out for themselves that it's pointless praying to Empty Sky.

We need people to overcome their irrational beliefs by becoming rational, not by trying to persecute the irrational beliefs out of them.

Richard Carter

A fat, bearded chap with a Charles Darwin fixation.


  1. I have been reading your page for about a month now, and I want to tell you that even though I dont agree with some of your views most of what you have to say is clear headed and incredibly reasonable.

  2. Go on J*, mention windmills & cats & then watch the real delusional stuff come spilling out.

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