'Things can only get better'

And that's just the domestic stuff. Where did it all go wrong? No matter who you vote for, the government always seems to get in.

I think I'll put my vote on eBay next time. Proceeds to Amnesty International. I might as well try to get some good out of it.

Richard Carter

A fat, bearded chap with a Charles Darwin fixation.


  1. Looks like somebody is going to get extremely rich trying to put in a computerised system that will fail.

    They could just scrap road tax and replace the disc with an insurance disc, then put petrol up to encompass the lost road tax and include a bit more for to try and persuade us to use ancient overpriced modes of transport that are usually dirty and stink of piss (or is that the Post Office queue on pension day?) . Nice little efficient car on a quiet country lane=good fuel economy. Chelsea tractor on the M25 at rush hour=No mortgage payment this month.

    No doubt the government in office that has the balls to try it will persue a way of dealing with petabytes of data and 46 million bills going to false addresses up and down the country.

    To quote the BBC report:

    "Grand projects like high-speed rail links were less important than using existing networks better, he [Sir Rod (I used to know sod all about planes and know even less about cars) Eddington] added."

    Since when did better mean only allowing rich bastards and criminals onto the roads?

    (Sighs and steps of soap box)

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