The East shall rise again

The top five countries in last night's Eurovision Song Contest final were:

  1. Serbia (268 points)
  2. Ukraine (235)
  3. Russia (207)
  4. Turkey (163)
  5. Bulgaria (157)

OK, hand-on-heart now: if you'd had to write down a list of European countries, how long would it have been before you thought of any of the above?

Me too.

We are living in a new era.

The UK came joint next-to-last with our old buddies, the French. Good to see our European pals have forgiven us for Iraq. But the real shock of the evening was the Republic of Ireland's last place, with a measley cinq points.

Like I said, a new era.

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Richard Carter

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  1. Oh, I didn't actually watch the contest, but I do have a CD of Bulgarian folk music, which is rather good.

    Oh, and I bought the Seasick Steve album yesterday. If you haven't heard it, it's a sort of cross between Tom Waits, the Chickasaw Mudd Puppies, and R.L. Burnside. You don't get much higher praise than that.

  2. We turned it on when we got back from the Red Panda (posh Chinese) & only caught the Bulgarian song (we turned it over when we heard the next song). I would highly recommend Turkish folk music. Not to mention the people & the country.

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