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BBC: Town pledges to bin plastic bags

Traders in Hebden Bridge have pledged to make the town plastic bag free following a campaign by a group of women dubbed the "bag ladies".

Two-thirds of the town's 109 traders have backed the initiative, which will mean free plastic bags will no longer be available in shops from 1 September.

Hitchin's sister used to make a point of ordering Coke™ whenever she visited a McDonald's™, just to hear them say (as per script), "We have McDonald's Cola™!" That was in the days before McDonald's™ caved in and started selling Coke™.

In tribute to Hitchin's sister, I am now going to make a point of asking for plastic bags whenever I shop locally in Hebden Bridge. "Can I have a plastic bag, please?" I will ask. And when they tell me it will cost me 10p (or whatever), I will say, "Oh, forget it, then, the deal's off!" And I will storm out of the shop.

Actually, no I won't. I'm prepared to give this one a go. But please don't tell any of my friends: I do, after all, have a reputation to live down to.

(Oh, and remind me to tell you about my Tesco™ Bag for Life scam some time. It's quite devious.)

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