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RAF Red Arrows Team News: Display Programme 25 to 29 July

This weekend sees the Team (Reds and Blues) criss-crossing the United Kingdom. Our planned timings are: […]

28 July
1500 Reds depart Edinburgh Airport
1556 Reds arrive RAF Brize Norton

And what is on a direct line between Edinburgh Airport and RAF Brize Norton? That's right: my house! The following should have been included on the above itinerary:

1527 Reds appear out of nowhere, flying in low, tight diamond formation, and startle the crap out of Richard as he is trying to rewire his phone connections

Damn impressive, though. Wish I'd had my camera to hand.

Richard Carter

A fat, bearded chap with a Charles Darwin fixation.


  1. A similar thing happened to me only the other week, except I wasn't rewiring phone cables. It made me feel quite special.

  2. The buggers went over once & my television exploded. Coincidence?....I think not!

  3. Spookily, I was once re-wiring the phone cables, and the red-arrows didn't come over. I guess that makes Benny & me one Carter between us.

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