Responsible journalism

From the front page of today's Sunday Times:

Slaughtered cows
Environment department officials check some of the cattle culled yesterday in response to the outbreak of foot and mouth disease at Wanborough in Surrey.

Good to see responsible journalists flying helicopters over quarantined areas infected with airborne viruses. It's all in the public interest, you see.

We know what dead cows look like, thank you. There really is no need to put any more living ones at risk for the sake of a few snaps.

Richard Carter

A fat, bearded chap with a Charles Darwin fixation.


  1. It's just a few guys taking advantage of the only warm weekend this "summer" to have a barbeque. Better still, there seems to be no wilted lettuce involved.

    I'll have my steak well-done just this once I think.

  2. While driving through the New Forest near Brockenhurst yesterday, I saw a dead pony by the side of the road, with a 'POLICE AWARE' sticker strung between its upward pointing legs!

  3. Stuff came out of my nose! Where's the photo?

    What are the odds someone tries to sell the carcass on eBay? Or would that be flogging a dead horse?

  4. It was a missed opportunity, but unfortunately I had the grandchildren with me & I didn't want to upset them by stopping to take a photo.

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