1. To be fair to Ms Theron, she's entitled to her opinion AND to express it. I don't believe that any movie star should just shut up BECAUSE they're a movie star - there are plenty of idiot politicians too. The problem lies with the media who ask these questions at press junkets (lovely word - junket !!!) either hoping that the star will make a fool of themselves, or that we may (mistakenly) be interested in their opinions just because they need something to fill the column inches. Phew! That was a pretty high horse I got onto there.

  2. Quite agree.

    I have nothing against Ms Theron (unfortunately). I was merely drawing attention to the fact that the BBC seemed to think her views on the subject wereparticularly newsworthy. Like you imply, this is a great example of the press making a headline story out of nothing.

  3. There is something askew with this comment thread - it seems to relate to two entries (1-2-3-4 and Celebrity Iraq watch).

    I was simply going to ask whether you devised the cited equation, and if so why. Since I'm apparently commenting on Iraq-watch, however, I will agree that it is slightly bizarre to expect us to care any more about what a "celebrity" thinks than anyone else, but then this is the basis of many charity appeals and so forth, so it's hardly unique.

  4. Still trying to stop thinking about having something against Charlize...........it's giving me a Theron!

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