Balls by name…

My, this is scary:

BBC: Faith schools set for expansion

The government has pledged its support for the principle of faith schools - with the prospect of many more Muslim schools within the state sector.

Schools Secretary Ed Balls and faith group leaders have formed a partnership - endorsing faith schools as a force to improve social cohesion in England.

Social cohesion? Is that what they're calling sectarianism these days?

Why not write to your MP and tell them how you feel about this? You might like to cc. the aptly named Ed Balls while you're at it. (Not that writing to your MP ever made a shite of difference, you understand.)

Personally speaking, I am fucking livid.

Richard Carter

A fat, bearded chap with a Charles Darwin fixation.


  1. "One thing we've learnt as a government is that having a distinct ethos, strong leadership, a commitment to promoting opportunity for all, those are the kind of schools where parents want to send their children. And there are many faith schools which pass that test with flying colours," said Mr Balls. He told the conference that faith schools were a longstanding partner in the drive to raise standards, particularly in more deprived areas. Faith schools take very seriously their historic mission to reach out to support children from lower income or disadvantaged backgrounds," said Mr Balls. JUST BECAUSE ALL THESE WORDS MAKE SENTENCES DOESN'T MAKE ANY BIT OF IT TRUE. WASN'T IT BAD ENOUGH THAT FOR DECADES WE WERE ALL LABELLED AT 11 YRS OLD BECAUSE OF SOME ARBITRARY TEST. WHY STOP THERE...WHY NOT ASTHMA SCHOOLS, REACHING OUT TO WHEEZY KIDS, OR VICTIMISED GINGER CHILDREN ETC. AAAAARRRGGHH!!! EDUCATION IS EDUCATION, RELIGION SHOULD NOT BE INVOLVED IN WHAT OUR TAXES PAY FOR.

  2. I consider this a sore point also - probably the best primary school near us is a CofE school, but our daughter will not get in, even though we live in the "catchment area". This is because we are not church-goers, and we refuse to do what many other parents will do, which is toattend the church religously for the year before she would be starting.

    Why should our family be penalised as a result of standing by our(lack of) beliefs, when others who believe no more than we do will gain a place because they areprepared to debase themselves by attending a churchin which they have no interest save as a means to gaining a place at the school? It's shocking.

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