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Stand back, I'm going in!
A gentleman digging deep yesterday.

I should like to apologise publicly and unreservedly to this unknown gentleman, whom I captured digging deep in Camden Market yesterday:

I was simply taking a photograph of the market. I didn't spot what you were up to at the time. It was not my intention to cause you any embarrassment.

But it does kind of serve you right.

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Richard Carter

A fat, bearded chap with a Charles Darwin fixation.


  1. We were inLittle Venice (near Paddington)on Saturday. What a missed opportunity, or a lucky escape, depending on which way you look at it!!!

  2. Was he selling what he found? You'd think he might have cleaned it all out on the way there in the car.....everyone else driving nowadays is!

  3. His nose was probably on strike.

    Why's that?

    Well, what do you do if your nose goes on strike?


    Oh suit yourselves...

  4. There is a rather disgusting film of our then Chancellor doing a most amazing nosemining job during Prime Ministers Questions. He ate it, too. Twice. I'm not making this stuff up, in fact I'm feeling a bit sick just thinking about it.

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