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Greetings from sunny Berkshire, where Jen and I are visiting Ann and Bill and their gay dog. Ann has let me use her computer to draw the following important news story to your attention:

BBC: Cats 'killed by flea treatment'

Hundreds of cats may have died because their owners mistakenly treated them with anti-flea products intended for dogs, a study suggests.

The Veterinary Poisons Information Service found that one in 10 cats referred to it had died after being exposed to permethrin. The chemical is used in flea treatments for dogs but is very toxic to cats, said Alex Campbell of VPIS.

That's permethrin. Remember the name: permethrin.

Ann helpfully pointed out that lilies are also deadly to cats. I wonder whether lilies would survive in acidic Pennine soils. It's got to be worth a try.

Richard Carter

A fat, bearded chap with a Charles Darwin fixation.


  1. Richard. This article seems to indicate that you are in fact a closet cat lover! You may even love cats that aren't in a closet.

    Why else would you go to such lengths to raise awareness about these dangers?

    Wow, the spambot code for this submission is MEOWL (it's not really)

  2. > Why else would you go to such lengths to raise
    > awareness about these dangers?

    It's my alibi. Plausible denial, and all that.

  3. The gay dog came out of the closet, so why not the cats?

    I have a gay friend who has a gay dog. When it barks it goes 'bowsie wowsie!'

  4. It would appear then, to the casual observer, that you like "straight" cats and are in denial regarding those with homosexual tendencies. However, your claim of plausible denial confirms that you like gay cats!!!

    I knew this psychology degree would come in useful one day!

  5. No. Let's catnip this one in the bud. For the record, I detest all cats, be they straight, gay or vegetarian. Indeed, I keep several captive cats in my own closet, just to prove that there isn't enough room within it to swing one of their number. I'm with Jimmy Carr: the fact that cats have nine lives makes them ideally suited for experimentation.

    I'm glad somebody found their psychology degree useful. I suppose it had to happen one day. But it is several rungs above sociology, I suppose.

  6. The article is remarkably handy if you want to poison the local animals, but I liked this part:

    Ms Geary said: "Ragwort causes irreversible damage to the liver, resulting in an extremely painful death for livestock.

    "Animals may lose weight and condition, and suffer depression, loss of appetite, constipation, sunburn and jaundice.

    Do you need a psychology degreeto know if your livestock are suffering from depression?

  7. If I had picked a vetinary degree instead of sociology I may have been qualified to answer.

  8. Or animal husbandry perhaps.

    A guy I knew studdied that for a while - until he got caught at it one night.

  9. I'm surprised that Richard doesn't like cats. I thought that most men liked pussy.

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