Compare & Contrast

Back in October, Nite Owl commented on one of my posts that he likes to think of me as the Terry Wogan on the Internet. By this, I assumed he meant that I rely on my audience to provide the best content. Clever stuff if you can carry it off, but Terry is a real pro at that game, and I'm a rank amateur by comparison. But Nite Owl might have a point…

Reader-cum-lurker Jon Wright writes:

On my way home to Wallasey for Xmas when I chanced upon a confutation you may find amusing… or more likely depressing.

Good/Bad Year

Excellent stuff! Inconsistency in chesty models: now that's exactly the sort of thing Gruts is supposed to be all about! Thanks, Jon.

But hold on! There's more…

Coming soon: Stense's nurses' uniform photos. No bullshit: after literally years of pathetic entreaties and occasional attempts at blackmail by yours truly, she has finally sent me some! Watch this space!

Richard Carter

A fat, bearded chap with a Charles Darwin fixation.


  1. No need, thank you: I have already made hi-res copies of Stense's photos using my macro lens, then I tweaked them a bit on my computer. I think she'll be amazed at just how much detail they reveal.

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