Administrative note about Gruts comments

I've been making some changes to the Gruts comments facility, which should kick into effect automagically on 1st January. The new system will only apply to comments on new Gruts items posted from that date; old items will continue to use the old comments facility.

I've tested the new facility as best I can, but changing stuff like this without taking the whole website down is a bit like trying to change a wheel on a car without stopping the car. So I won't be at all surprised is there are a few bugs which need ironing out.

Why have I made the changes? Well, there are a two reasons:

  • [main reason] to allow the comments about a particular item to appear directly after the item on its archive page, rather than on a separate 'comments' page;
  • [behind the scenes] to record comments in a more structured format, thereby enabling me (in future) to add some other commenting features (such as providing links to the latest comments on the Gruts homepage, and maybe even allowing individual commenters' comments to be marked in some characteristic way).

Apologies in advance for any bugs that have sneaked through. I'll try to get them fixed as soon as possible.

Richard Carter

A fat, bearded chap with a Charles Darwin fixation.


  1. Is this change the reason that several of the last few posts have said "comments" when in fact there are none? I think it used to say "leave comment" or something when unsullied.

  2. No, that's an old bug which I never got round to fixing... If someone leaves a spam comment which I delete, the system still thinks there are comments.

    I don't get many spam comments, so I couldn't be bothered fixing the bug, but there were a few spams over Christmas.

  3. Clearly doesn't happen often enough for me to have noticed before.

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