Overheard at a New Year's party last night

"… They haven't a clue what they're talking about: one minute they're saying meat is bad for you; the next, you should eat nothing but. Then they're saying you shouldn't eat carbohydrates; then they're saying you should. As far as I'm concerned, provided it's in moderation, you should eat whatever you damn well please."

"It's the in moderation bit that's my big problem."

"Oh, I know! I talk a great diet, but I can't eat one!"

Richard Carter

A fat, bearded chap with a Charles Darwin fixation.


  1. For years, I have suffered from Alzheimers Bulemia....I eat and eat, but forget to chuck up afterwards.

  2. Ooh! I got to be the first. What an honour...it gives me great pleasure to declare this aaaaahhhhhhhhhh!

  3. Blimey! The new comments system actually worked!

    (It didn't work first thing this morning. Took me yonks to debug it. In the end, the problem was a silly typo. Stupid computers!)

  4. Funny how it forgot my name but remembered my e-mail address. Ooh me cookies, or something.

    Hope you all had a pleasant Christmas and New Year.

    I have decided, as my New-Year's resolution, to give up abstainence. I do not expect the change to be outwardly evident.

  5. OOhhh - I now have a link to a web-site, which then turns out to be the archive version of this item - bug or feature?

  6. Found the bug (but haven't fixed it yet)... It's because you have a space in your website URL field (not a null character). I'll add a bit of code to remove spaces this evening.

  7. Yep. Although how I ended up with a random space in the URL line in the first place I don't know.

    I like the way every fourth comment is blue BTW.

  8. Strangely enough, I had spotted that the 1-in-4 was not right and was looking through to see what I had missed - I have just reached the conclusion that it would be alternate except for you messing it all up, when I reached the above post.

    This should be white, however, maintaining the appearance of 1-in-4 on this item!

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