Carolyn cooks 'luch'

Carolyn in an online chat yesterday evening:

I cooked luch for my parents today. First I thought I had a 16lb ham (because the man in the recipe did and I assumed that I must too), and then I tried to cook a treacle tart. Easy I thought, I started it last night just to be sure. First, the pastry was runny - so I added more flour and icing sugar, and then it was still very sticky and I mean VERY sticky this morning and so I had to put it in the freezer in cling film before rolling. Then the topping took all morning to make - what a nightmare. Luch was finally served at about 2.30! […]

I took the cooking wrapper off last night to soak the ham as per instructions on Gary Rhodes recipe so that was why I didn't know what weight it was. It never occurred to me that I wasn't using the same weight as him - although it's apparently very obvious to everyone else. So then I thought I had to cook it for about 5 hours - very worrying when I only had 2! That was when I rang my mum to delay luch for ½ hour thinking that I'd just do 2½ hours and hope nobody noticed if it wasn't cooked!

Stuff came out my nose.

Richard Carter

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  1. Superb!

    How can you just imagine you have a 16 lb ham? That's enough to feeda coach-party!

    Our butcher (well, actually we have to share him) cures his own gammon, baconetc, and we had (I think) a 6-pound piece on boxing day to feed 8 adults - there was about one third left after a considerable effort, so I should think you could feed 30 comfortably on a 16-lb piece (which must surely be a whole ham).

  2. I would suspect that Mytor Banysdurti is merely a soubriquet. Not unlike Hugh Jampton or Mike Hunt.

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