Giving dogma a bad name

Reuters: Pope says some science shatters human dignity

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - Pope Benedict said on Thursday that embryonic stem cell research, artificial insemination and the prospect of human cloning had "shattered" human dignity.

The scientists carrying out stem cell research have realistic hopes of finding effective treatments for cancer, Parkinson's Disease, brain injuries, and many other horrible ailments.

My grandfather spent the last 20 years of his life bedridden with Pakinson's Disease. It was not dignifying. A very close family member recently underwent major cancer treatment. They found it utterly humiliating. Another close family member has been disabled for many years following a major brain injury. They would give their ineffective left arm for a cure.

Repeat pious bullshit like that in front of me, Ratzinger, and you'll be making an unplanned trip to Lourdes—on your knees, wearing sackcloth—to beg for the intervention of a figment of your imagination.

I trust you'll find that commensurate with your human dignity.

Richard Carter

A fat, bearded chap with a Charles Darwin fixation.

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