It's almost enough to make you vote Lib Dem

Jen has just brought the following to my attention from Wednesday's Guardian (her pedicurist reads it):

Guardian: The cult of Cable

Yet [Dr] Vince[nt Cable, Lib Dem 'Shadow Chancellor'] remains a Big Story around Westminster and - more surprising - a presence on Facebook and rival sites, where the kids seem to like him. When in December he noted "the prime minister's remarkable transformation in the last few weeks from Stalin to Mr Bean, creating chaos out of order rather than order out of chaos," they laughed. They may not have heard of Mr Brown, but they know all about Mr Bean. It was his best quip since November, when he warned that the government was propping up Northern Rock to the tune of 30 Millennium domes, "without even the prospect of a decent pop concert at the end of it".

By a strange coincidence, my dad also valued something in Millennium Domes this week. He pointed out that the entire transform/reloc-ation of the Liverpool City Centre will cost just one Millennium Dome. He then couldn't help pointing out that the actual Millennium Dome was built in London and, therefore, a total waste of money which was, of course, paid for by the entire country. He reckons the Olympic Games seem to be heading the same way.

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