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Hebden Bridge Times: Society to disband after 74 years

Mytholmroyd Chrysanthemum Society has disbanded after 74 years…

Former secretary for 23 years Stuart Jackson, 64, said: "I am sad to see the group go after 74 years. No one grows chrysanthemums in Mytholmroyd any more…"

They should keep it going. I love the idea of a society whose members aren't in the least bit interested in whatever it is that the society is supposed to be about.

If anyone's thinking of starting a society called The Ballet Society, specifically for people who don't go to the ballet, count me in.

Richard Carter

A fat, bearded chap with a Charles Darwin fixation.


  1. Presumably, though, you'd be in constant fear of weakening to the urge for a sly visit to 'Swan Lake' and then having to resign....Oh the shame! You know what it's like with forbidden fruit.

  2. I once joined the Apathy Society, but I couldn't be bothered to go to the meetings. 'Apathy Rules OK so what'

  3. A comment regarding the English football or cricket teams would normally be appropriate at this point, but by most unexpected happenstance,both seem to have won recently. Ho Hum. Every silver lining has a cloud, I guess.

  4. The American's might well call it "soccer", but you won't catch me doing so!

  5. I always call it soccer to wind up the association ('soccer') football fans. There are many types of football, the two best being rugby union football and rugby league football.

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