… and still the government finds yet more things to ban

This time, they want to ban logos on cigarette packets to discourage kids from smoking.

Hoorah! That ought to do it!

The really important thing is to be seen to be doing something, no matter how ineffective and petty it might be. Change is progress. If the government isn't doing anything, then what do we need a government for?

Yes, banning cigarette logos was top of my list too, Gordon. Glad to see you're getting your priorities right. Very well done!

Richard Carter

A fat, bearded chap with a Charles Darwin fixation.


  1. Hands up who thinks banning logos on cigarette packets is going to have any effect whatsoever.

    (Anyone with their hand up has lost touch with reality.)

  2. It might confuse the shopkeepers.

    Until a government comes up with a way to finance the country other than by taxing cigarettes, fuel and drink, they will continue to bang drums in order to appease the do gooders kill joys.

    A decent public transport system linked with a sober non-smoking population are not in the interest of the country.

    (Steps off soap box)

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