Faith, fast-tracking and charity

Our former Prime Minister (who famously didn't do God) seems to have wasted no time at all since he left office converting with unseemly haste to Roman Catholicism and setting up his very own Faith Foundation (Nerdy Note: rel="nofollow" attribute invoked in hyperlink tag to signal my utter non-endorsement).

I couldn't help noticing that, with equally unseemly haste, said faith foundation has been awarded charitable status (registered in England, no 1123243)—hot on the heels of the delightfully named HA.SH Foundation.

I have it on very good authority that it's a job and a half getting an organisation registered as a charity in England. The question has to be asked, was Blair fast-tracked?

Or perhaps he just had a quiet word with his imaginary friend in the sky.

Richard Carter

A fat, bearded chap with a Charles Darwin fixation.


  1. Maybe we should set up a faithless foundation, with the goal of releaving world poverty and bringing informed logical thought to the masses, and see how long it takes to get charitable status.

    One interesting point is that if TB is now a Catholic, he would presumably have to go to confession and confess all his sins from the period in which he was faithless including, for example, the last 10 years. Hope the priest brought a flask.

  2. It's a constant surprise, a religion that's apparently about sitting around considering lilies is so populated by middle class grabbing strivers. I bet even Berlusconi was surprised by Cherie's ability to help herself to his towels and the contents of his fridge. Nice website by the way. I mean yours not Tony's.

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