He's back!

[P]rior to the nineteen-twenties, history was not even aware of the non-existence of ley lines as they had yet to be identified and named as such

Yes, Fitz (the tosser) is back with his freshly relaunched blog, Fitzroy's Red Lion Corner…. His early posts include the one cited above about ley lines (which contains some startling revelations about the unremarkable alignments of Beaverbrooks stores in South East England), and some links to some truly remarkable videos of his own making.

In the unlikely event that you have nothing better to do, why not go over there and taunt him?

Richard Carter

A fat, bearded chap with a Charles Darwin fixation.

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  1. I recently spent some time with a couple of ex-policemen who surprised each other by having a mutual interest in dowsing. I stupidly tried to argue on the side of reason instead of backing slowly out of the room. They claimed they could detect water underground but managed to ignore the water-table, and when I questioned why it was always in a downward direction and did rainclouds figure in this they looked at me as though it wasn't possible for me to be any stupider!

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