Tee caddie

Henrik Stenson and his caddie Fanny Sunesson, 2008 British Open
Golfer Henrik 'Stense' Stenson with his caddie, Fanny Sunesson, yesterday.

More photos from yesterday's 2008 Open practice round here.

Richard Carter

A fat, bearded chap with a Charles Darwin fixation.


  1. Didn't she used to caddie for Nick Faldo ? (I heard she used to give him wood first thing in the morning)

  2. Is that a snowy owl in her bag (insert birdie joke here) or is it an overweight aeroplane?

  3. Perhaps all lady caddies are called "Fanny".

    Probably so that comentators can say the famous if perhaps Apocryphal“Some weeks Nick likes to use Fanny. Other weeks he’d do it by himself”.

    You do realise that these references to compromising photos of Stense are beginning to look like obsession: (a previous exampleand another).

  4. Beginning to look like an obsession? I'll have you know that Stense and I have had a very lengthy (albeit one-way) correspondence on this very subject. But will she oblige? Will she heck as like!

  5. Could that be something to do with your (albeit limited) public airing of your sordid little infatuation. Some of us are young & quite impressionable, I'll have you know. Ok, I lied about the young bit & possibly exaggerated the impressionable bit a tad.

    I once had a girlfriend who was so innocent, that when we went to bed, she would put the pillow under her arse, instead of her head!!!

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