Picture round

You know the picture round from A Question of Sport, where they show you a subtly obscured photo of some sporting celebrity you've never heard of, and you have to try and guess who it is? Well, my Dad and I attended a practice day at the Open yesterday, and I took a picture-round-type photo. See if you can guess who it is:

Ernie Els, British Open 2014, Hoylake

Ernie Els, yesterday… D'OH!!

You will note that, while I insist on referring to the so-called World Cup as the Soccer World Cup (there being more than one World Cup), I refer to the British Golf Open Championship simply as The Open. This is because my Dad has drilled it into me for decades that, while there are French, American, and other golf open championships, as well as open championships that aren't even golf, the British Golf Open Championship is rightly referred to simply as The Open. As if to prove him annoyingly right, the Royal & Ancient has even managed to bag the theopen.com domain. So there.

[The answer is Ernie Els, by the way.]

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My, this is getting almost embarrassing

BBC: Europe clinch Ryder Cup hat-trick

Sweden's Henrik Stenson [no relation] robbed Darren Clarke of a fairytale ending but home fans were still in raptures as Europe strolled to a 18½–9½ victory over America in the 36th Ryder Cup at the K Club.

That's 18½–9½. I repeat: that's 18½–9½ (again).

Well done, chaps!

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BBC: Hoylake ready for golfing glamour

…Hoylake, a former fishing village nestled on the Wirral peninsula, is playing host to the world's best golfers and the 600 members of the media that follow them.

It is providing a profile boost that not even George Clooney can overshadow as Open play gets under way at the Royal Liverpool course for the first time since 1967.

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