Compare and Contrast

Ann and Bill just sent me the following:

Tres Hermanaos Separated at Birth
From L to R: Little Steven (of E Street Band and Sopranos fame); Little Richard (of Gruts obscurity); Hulk Hogan (of I'm not quite sure what).

For the record, I was trying to look like Little Steven at the time. I don't usually dress like that.


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Richard Carter

A fat, bearded chap with a Charles Darwin fixation.


  1. Could the one in the middle be the living proof that Johnny Vegas & Joyce Grenfell had sex?

  2. I think it's one of those computer-morphing programs - start with the picture on the left, then to get to the one on the right, you have to go through some sort of digital mutant chimera, represented by the middle picture.

    Just a thought.

  3. No, they are a South African dance band. Thomas Mapfumo & the Digital Mutant Chimera.

  4. It is with great sadness that I have to inform you that due to not doing 'nite' shifts any more, I feel I must change the soubriquet to something more appropriate. I have tried a few anagrams of nite owl on Fitz' site & can't decide between Wet Lion & Leon Wit.

    Any suggestions?

  5. Personally, I would suggest Wet Loin. Lone Wit is good too, as is Newt Oil.

    For myself, I was quite fond of anagrams until someone pointed out that my real name is an anagram of "Dr R Dogshit O'Craphed", which is not the sort of image I aim for.

  6. Then you would be in good company with our host Dr. Rita C. Archer

    When I worked in the sign trade, Bill Buckley of That's Life fame gave me the name The Lone Engraver. So, I guess I will go for something in that line...thanks Dr. O'Craphead

  7. I just had a go atsome anagrams of my real name. The best I could come up with was 'Loon Thickly'.

    Sounds like one of those names that Larry Parnes gave his young protogees, like Adam Faith, Billy Fury & Marty Wild. He wanted to change Joe Brown's name to Elmer Twitch. Joe told him to foxtrot oscar!

  8. Maybe even the anonymous sounding E. Wilton might be good?

    Let'sgive Dr. Rita the casting vote.

    Over to you, Dickie......

  9. If "Loon Thickly" is an option then you can have Clink Thy Loo or Think Coolly or Lock Thy Lion (or Loin).

    Anyway, over to Third Car Racer

  10. BTW, I was wondering whether to adopt "Digital Mutant Chimera", if not here then perhaps onsome other site. This seems to have no-end of amusing anagrams, including Traumatic Midnight Ale, Drug Lit Mathematician, Thud Emitting Calamari and Great Dutch Militiaman.

  11. Are you chaps trying to do my head in with all the name changes? if this is just some pathetic ploy to get new Gruts comments avatars, dream on.

    As to the Nite Owl question, why not simply revert to Nite Owl on the Day Shift? It has a certain enigmatic quality.

  12. Hey! how about an amalgamation of the two trains ot thought?

    'Thick as wit'??

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