Bush tucker

BBC: Eat kangaroo to 'save the planet'

Switching from beef to kangaroo burgers could significantly help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, says an Australian scientist…

He said: "It tastes excellent, not unlike venison - only a different flavour."

In other words, it tastes unlike venison.

I ate kangaroo once, in Cairns, Australia. Not a whole one, obviously. The waitress was intrigued to know what I thought.

"I didn't like it," I said. "I kept thinking of Skippy."

She seemed delighted that I knew who Skippy was.

Richard Carter

A fat, bearded chap with a Charles Darwin fixation.


  1. I've eaten ostrich, venison and buffalo, but never tried kangaroo. Are there better bits to eat than others? It seems to be a fleshy animal, so it's likely to be red meat with a beef consistency. Maybe Burger King should do a 'flame grilled' Hopper?

  2. I tried crocodile during the same meal. It tasted like old handbag. Or so I imagined; I've never actually tasted a handbag.

    (Cue the Lady Bracknell impersonations.)

  3. Many wild cats are apparently very tasty. I am a firm believer in eating as much pussy as pos...aaaarrrggghhhhh!

  4. Kangaroo: Apparently kangaroo tends to be rather tough. My wife ordered kangeroo steak in a Sydney restaurant once and the "Chef recommended it rare", to which my wife agreed, being reasonably comfortable with such things. When it arrived this steak was virtually cold. The chef was not messing around when he suggested it rare - on a warm day, you see better-done steaks in the butcher's window. Even this, however was not particularly tender and so I can't see it taking over from a good rib-eye any time soon.Crocodile: Given it's similarity to handbags, it would seem essential to have a temperance beverage to accompany any meal of crocodile.

    Cats: Where there is a choice, people tend to eat herbivorous animals rather than carnivores. This might perhaps be for purely practical reasons (carnivores are not that easy to farm) but I have heard that carnivores also don't taste that good. Owl will thus probably find that since cats are largely carnivorous he may be put off somewhat from his pussy-eating by an overwhelming taste of fish liver.

  5. Ermmm. That should have been "fish liver", and indeed it was in the typing box. Ho Hum.

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