Spinning out of control

Although Blair's gone, New Labour spin still flourishes at the Department for Transport:

BBC: Hoon backs speed camera overhaul

Transport secretary Geoff Hoon has said traditional fixed-point speed cameras may be replaced by "fairer" versions which measure drivers' average speed.

He told the Sunday Times he understood why cameras which measure speed at just one point were not popular.

I'm sure you fully appreciate, Mr Hoon, that average speed cameras will be even less popular than fixed-point ones, because average speed cameras actually work in forcing people to slow down over large stretches of road. Average speed cameras might be a bit more popular if you also upped the ridiculously low speed limits on many of our roads at the same time, but I'm pretty damn sure that's not going to happen.

Oh yes, and average speed cameras can only work by scanning and recording the numberplate details of every car passing by them. The ghost of George Orwell is spinning in his grave, moaning I told you so!

Politicians, eh: don't you just love them?

Richard Carter

A fat, bearded chap with a Charles Darwin fixation.


  1. I agree, although it's also right to say that the current fixed-point speed cameras record numberplates anyway, albeit not by means of a digital scan.

    Has the law been fully tested on this one? Fixed-point cameras record the details of only those that are speeding, i.e. only those that commit an offence, but the 'average speed' cameras record the details of every vehicle passing through. One could very easily track a single vehicle's movement nationwide, much in the same way as supermarkets currently trace individual household buying habits. Frightening.

  2. They won't bother testing the law: they'll just say they need to keep all the travel records to help fight terrorism (more spin), and everyone will be happy. Then, the next thing you know, they'll be using it for non-terror-related stuff, just like they did with the Icelandic banks.

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