Some of my fondest memories are from my childhood holidays on the east coast of Anglesey. Every summer, we would stay in a caravan with magnificent views across to Puffin Island and the Great Orme at Llandudno. My parents still go there several times a year. My mum has been going there for over 60 years.

Today, some wanker in Whitehall has authorised the construction of 250 turbines 540ft tall slap bang in the middle of my favourite view. It will be the second biggest offshore wind powerstation in the world.

What makes this utter waste of money and environmental vandalism even more annoying is the fact that there's a nice, discreet nuclear powerstation just around the corner which needs replacing, but nobody has the balls to do anything about it.

Richard Carter

A fat, bearded chap with a Charles Darwin fixation.


  1. At least it's not in my back yard! And anyway, the next generations will have to deal with all the discarded fuel rods etc.

    Thought for today:- It doesn't matter that the cowboys killed all the redskins, because they'd all be dead now anyway.

  2. You've got it round the wrong way. Look what the last generation left US!......Chernobyl...???

  3. Chernobyl was undoubtedly a horrendous cock-up (a repetition of which would be a bad thing), but I'm talking about trying to save the planet here. People aren't going to drastically reduce consumption, renewables don't have what it takes. We need a tried-and-tested, low-emission, high output, relaible energy generation. In short, we need lots more nuclear powerstations.

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