Baby's first timelapse

I used my sexy new digital SLR camera to make a timelapse film this afternoon. It shows the view from my garden, compressing two hours into one minute (i.e. with one frame shot every 5 seconds).

Nobody was more surprised than me when the damn thing actually worked:

Richard Carter

A fat, bearded chap with a Charles Darwin fixation.


  1. The words paint watching dry & like spring to mind. Wait a minute, did I see a Tellytubby lurking in the undergrowth?

  2. Well I think that's damn fine.

    I've moved to a new job inPlymouth, btw. At the end of the next street is a plaque commemorating the departure of the Beagle.

  3. I've watched the clip a few times now & I am truly amazed. The fence posts didn't move at all. How did you manage to hold the camera so steady for two solid hours?

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