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From this week's Hebden Bridge Times (the only newspaper of record):

Best goat for the 2nd year running

WINNING best in show - and best milker - in Todmorden Agricultural Show's goat section for the second year running, this year's event proved a very successful one for a teenager.

Michsica Capricole, owned and bred by 15 year old Jessica Hagain of Halifax, once again, defeated the competition.

Best Goatling was Philday Darcy owned and bred by Mr R Parkin of Howden, and Best Kid was Maxson Shamuti owned and bred by Mrs M Hagain of Halifax.


Saanen milkers: 1, Philday Foxiqwif - Mr R Parkin, Howden, East Yorkshire; 2, Philday Fabergone - Mr R Parkin. British Saanen milkers: 1, Philday Dressage - Mr R Parkin; 2, Wadehouse Jasmine - Mrs C Luty, Shelf, Halifax; 3, Philday Lidierlust - Mr R Parkin; 4, Micean June - M M Boocock. Shelf, Halifax.

Anglo Nubian milkers: 1, Morphie Rigmarole - Mrs L Maughan, Hamsterley, Co. Durham; 2, Kaprikel Kurdus - Mrs L Maughan; 3, Poplartime Fanella - Mrs L Maughan.

Any other variety milkers: 1, Michsica Capricole - Miss J Hagain, Hipperholme, Halifax; 2, Michsica Capriclair - Miss J Hagain.

British Toggenburg goatling: 1, Philday Statusfour - Mr R Parkin; 2, Philday Statusthree - Mr R Parkin.

Saanen goatling: 1, Philday Follyeva - Mr R Parkin. British Saanen goatling: 1, Philday Darcy -Mr R Parkin; 2, Wadehouse Lilly - Mrs C Luty; 3, Micean June - Mr M Boocock. Anglo Nubian goatling: 1, Trago Roona - Mrs L Maughan. British Alpine goatlinng: 1, Hunningley Esme.

Saanen kid: 1, Michsica Talulah - Miss J Hagain. British Saanen kid: 1, Michsica Bethany - Miss J Hagain. Anglo-Nubian kid: 1, Tragomarly Maisie - Miss C Maughan, Hamsterley, Co. Durham; 2, Trago Idhaya - Mrs L Maughan; 3, Tragomarly Mungo - Miss L Maughan. British Alpine kid: 1, Hunningley Fantasia. Any other variety kid: 1, Maxson Shamuti - Mrs M Hagain, Hipperholme, Halifax.

Further reports and pictures from Todmorden Agricultural Show will be published next week.

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  1. Once again the Swedish Landrace and the Markhor are overlooked. Sometimes I wonder why I bother.

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