It's taken me years, but I've finally managed to take a photograph encapsulating in a single frame the greatest city on Earth:

One fat lady: number 8!
One fat lady: number 8!

(Pity I only had my iPhone to hand: worst camera ever!)

Richard Carter

A fat, bearded chap with a Charles Darwin fixation.


  1. Aaaah...That tumid, corpulent city. I arrived back there in 91 after a year away at UCL and striding down the road full of cosmopolitan vigour and bonhomie saw approaching me two ladies not dissimilar to the vision in your picture fighting over a bag of chips. Just before passed one of them hurled the open bag onto the pavement before me and exclaimed "Fuck off Marie!". Thank you for stirring such memories of home.

  2. Oh come on, Richard. You could have at least got her to expose the thong & the tasteful Kylie & Jake tattoo on her back.

    As my dad would have said...'all that meat & no bread!'

  3. I can't help wondering whether number 8 was selected for her on the very basis that you suggest!

    Nothing at all to do with Liverpool, but yesterday's XKCD made me think of you:

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