Glancing in the bark

Move over, Jesus, it's time to make way for BRUUUUUUUUUUUUCE!

Compare and contrast:


An artsy B&W photo I took of some silver birch bark yesterday.

Silver birch bark

Bruce Springsteen.

I hope you'll understand why I can't reveal the precise location of the holy silver birch. We don't want middle-aged stadium rock fans turning up and hanging their bandannas from its branches in tribute to the Boss.

Handy photo hints

HANDY HINT: Get rid of unsightly wrinkles on ‘selfies’ without having to resort to expensive soft-focus filters by photographing yourself through the window on the envelope of your latest bank statement.

HANDY HINT: Save money on expensive green filters by taking photographs through a green beer bottle.

HANDY HINT: Pretend to be the new James Bond by photographing yourself through the cardboard tube in the middle of a kitchen roll.

Dolphin, fish, bird!

Jen and I were on holiday in Anglesey the week before last. There's a selection of photos here, if you're even vaguely interested (or even if you're not).

Long-term Gruts readers will no doubt recall that, two years ago, fresh back from another holiday in Anglesey, I delighted them with a photograph of a heron being startled by a dolphin. How could Richard possibly top that, I hear you ask.

Oh ye of little faith! Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Dolphin, fish, bird!

Dolphin, fish, bird!

It's a gift.