Dolphin, fish, bird!

Jen and I were on holiday in Anglesey the week before last. There's a selection of photos here, if you're even vaguely interested (or even if you're not).

Long-term Gruts readers will no doubt recall that, two years ago, fresh back from another holiday in Anglesey, I delighted them with a photograph of a heron being startled by a dolphin. How could Richard possibly top that, I hear you ask.

Oh ye of little faith! Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Dolphin, fish, bird!

Dolphin, fish, bird!

It's a gift.

Rather fishy

Pine air freshener

You must have seen those silly pine-tree-shaped pine-scented air-fresheners they have in cars… Do you see what they've done there? They've made the air-freshener into the shape of the thing that it smells like. Clever marketing ploy, or what?

The other day, I couldn't help noticing that a colleage had an air-freshener in the shape of a dolphin hanging from the rear-view mirror of their car. I have never smelt a dolphin, but I don't imagine it's the sort of smell I'd want wafting through my car. Rather fishy is how I imagine a dolphin would smell. But I could be wrong.

How about you lot? Have any of you ever smelt a dolphin? If so, what did it smell like? Is it the sort of smell you'd want wafting through your car?

I need to know.