Meanwhile, in local news...

From this week's Hebden Bridge Times (the only newspaper of record):

Best goat for the 2nd year running

WINNING best in show - and best milker - in Todmorden Agricultural Show's goat section for the second year running, this year's event proved a very successful one for a teenager.

Michsica Capricole, owned and bred by 15 year old Jessica Hagain of Halifax, once again, defeated the competition.

Best Goatling was Philday Darcy owned and bred by Mr R Parkin of Howden, and Best Kid was Maxson Shamuti owned and bred by Mrs M Hagain of Halifax.


Saanen milkers: 1, Philday Foxiqwif - Mr R Parkin, Howden, East Yorkshire; 2, Philday Fabergone - Mr R Parkin. British Saanen milkers: 1, Philday Dressage - Mr R Parkin; 2, Wadehouse Jasmine - Mrs C Luty, Shelf, Halifax; 3, Philday Lidierlust - Mr R Parkin; 4, Micean June - M M Boocock. Shelf, Halifax.

Anglo Nubian milkers: 1, Morphie Rigmarole - Mrs L Maughan, Hamsterley, Co. Durham; 2, Kaprikel Kurdus - Mrs L Maughan; 3, Poplartime Fanella - Mrs L Maughan.

Any other variety milkers: 1, Michsica Capricole - Miss J Hagain, Hipperholme, Halifax; 2, Michsica Capriclair - Miss J Hagain.

British Toggenburg goatling: 1, Philday Statusfour - Mr R Parkin; 2, Philday Statusthree - Mr R Parkin.

Saanen goatling: 1, Philday Follyeva - Mr R Parkin. British Saanen goatling: 1, Philday Darcy -Mr R Parkin; 2, Wadehouse Lilly - Mrs C Luty; 3, Micean June - Mr M Boocock. Anglo Nubian goatling: 1, Trago Roona - Mrs L Maughan. British Alpine goatlinng: 1, Hunningley Esme.

Saanen kid: 1, Michsica Talulah - Miss J Hagain. British Saanen kid: 1, Michsica Bethany - Miss J Hagain. Anglo-Nubian kid: 1, Tragomarly Maisie - Miss C Maughan, Hamsterley, Co. Durham; 2, Trago Idhaya - Mrs L Maughan; 3, Tragomarly Mungo - Miss L Maughan. British Alpine kid: 1, Hunningley Fantasia. Any other variety kid: 1, Maxson Shamuti - Mrs M Hagain, Hipperholme, Halifax.

Further reports and pictures from Todmorden Agricultural Show will be published next week.

Wind farms versus goat farms

BBC: Wind farm 'kills Taiwanese goats'

A large number of goats in Taiwan may have died of exhaustion because of noise from a wind farm.

A farmer on an outlying island told the BBC he had lost more than 400 animals after eight giant wind turbines were installed close to his grazing land.

The Ministry of Agriculture says it suspects that noise may have caused the goats' demise through lack of sleep.

The power company, Taipower, has offered to pay for part of the costs of building a new farmhouse elsewhere.

Meanwhile, in other news, the total number of Taiwanese goats killed by nuclear powerstations remains at zero.