We loved you, you big dummy

The Good Captain
Captain Beefheart(1941–2010)

Genius is such an inadequate word.

Suddenly, the world is a less wonderful place.

Toasting the great man with Laphroaig (what else?) as I type. Think I might play some music before I go to bed. It is likely to be a very, very late night. [Postscript: It was.]

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A fat, bearded chap with a Charles Darwin fixation.


  1. Don loved to play with words. I have written a short poemto his memory in his style....


  2. I spent the afternoon of the 19th December, my birthday, listening to Clear Spot and Trout Mask. I had the privilege of seeing/hearing the Good Captain four times live concerts that will stay with me till I die. To say that he and the Magic Band were unique is not strong enough.

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