I am the way…

Liverpool manic street preacher this lunchtime (using megaphone): We are all lost without Jesus Christ… WE ARE ALL LOST!!

Me: You're in Church Street, mate.

One-nil to the atheists, I think.

Richard Carter

A fat, bearded chap with a Charles Darwin fixation.


  1. Does that mean that on their new album they will be backed by the Joystrings?

    I know, I'm showing my age....you'd better google them!

  2. So if I understand the position correctly then, the Messiah is in fact some sort of sat nav device?

  3. Let us bow our heads in remembrance of Torchy the Battery Boy...

    As John Wayne so rightly said in "The Robe": "Truly this was the son of God".

    I've always assumed he was talking to Truly Scrumptious from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang but the rest of her part seems to have ended up on the cutting room floor.

  4. I never saw the movie, but I was told that there is another classic Wayne line in there. When the crowd shout 'crucify him!', Wayne says 'the hell you will!'

    I hope someone can confirm this because it's such amagic image.

  5. Just remembered: it wasn't The Robe, it was The Greatest Story Ever Told...nicely understated title, eh?

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