Modern communication

When you think about it, the Internet has totally transformed the way in which we communicate. What might once have taken you several weeks to track someone down to find out the information you needed, now, thanks to the wonders of online chat and email, takes mere days:

4 Feb
18:00 Me: Hello.
20:25 Carolyn: helo, hello helllloooooo
20:50 Me: Sorry we missed each other.
22:23 Carolyn (via email): me too

6 Feb
20:45 Me: Hello.
21:17 Carolyn: hi

7 Feb
22:36 Me: Are you there?
22:53 Carolyn (via email): No!
22:54 Carolyn: Are YOU there?
22:55 Me: Yes! Hellooooo!!!
22:57 Me (via email): Just missed you again!

8 Feb
20:40 Me: Hello!?! Are you there this time?
20:42 Me: Hello?!
20:42 Carolyn: yes.
20:43 Me: Result!
          ...I've forgotten what I was going to say now!

9 Feb
19:18 Carolyn: How do you make licorice mead?

So much easier than a phone call!

Richard Carter

A fat, bearded chap with a Charles Darwin fixation.

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  1. I made cinnamon mead once. Well, twice. Sort-of.

    To make this kind of stuff you have to boil everything and make it all sterile. So, being a bench chemist at the time and therefore used to handling these types of things, I completely failed to think of warming the glass demijohn before pouring in several pounds of boiling honey. The result was one glass frisbee and six pounds of boiling honey on the kitchen floor. Made the place smell fantastic, but if you've every tried mopping up gallons of liquefied honey you will know that it's quite a task.

    So top tip when making mead, or indeed any hot honey-base concoction: Warm the damned jar.

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