The year we go for it

Some inspirational phrases culled from the new year message of the Prime Minister and First Lord of the Treasury, the Right Honourable David Cameron M.P.:

  • This will be the year Britain sees the world and the world sees Britain
  • It must be the year we go for it
  • get our country up to strength
  • the global drama of the Olympics and the glory of the diamond jubilee
  • look outward, look onwards and to look our best
  • I get that.
  • I know how difficult it will be to get through this. But I also know that we will.
  • We've got clear and strong plans
  • debt storms now battering the eurozone
  • We have gained security
  • we must be bold, confident and decisive about building the future.
  • I know much needs to change.
  • we've set out big plans
  • I'm determined to get out there and seize them.
  • I am determined to do the bold things
  • I will be bold about working to cure the problems of our society.
  • I profoundly believe that we can turn these things around.
  • That's what I mean by the big society.
  • The British people have got what it takes
  • the government has got the ideas and policies we need.
  • the best Olympics ever
  • we honour our Queen as the finest and most famous example of British dedication, British duty, British steadiness, British tradition
  • let's use these things as a mirror of ourselves too, a mirror of the nation.
  • Resilient. Realistic. Intelligent. Curious. Enterprising. Inventive. Unswerving.
  • It's the spirit that has made our universities among the best in the world, our scientists Nobel prizewinners, our athletes gold medal winners, our culture, our music and our television famous everywhere, and our armed forces respected for their dedication and professionalism
  • we will find success by being honest with ourselves
  • if we lift our eyes to the other side we have it in our power to come through this stronger, better balanced, focused on what this fantastic country does best.

Stirring words, I'm sure we all agree.

Time to get a grip.

Let's go!

Richard Carter

A fat, bearded chap with a Charles Darwin fixation.


  1. In truth Ed Milliband (the alternative universe prime minister) is no better.

    They both strike me as being 'special needs'.

  2. To me, Ed Milliband always sounds like Dale Winton trying to do an impersonation of Tony Blair. Personally, though, I prefer his brother, Steve Milliband, if for no other reason than his 1973 hit, The Joker.

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