So, the Tory Chief Whip, Andrew Mitchell, reportedly referred to police officers who were trying to do their jobs as ‘fucking plebs’ *, telling them it was ‘best you learn your fucking place’.

The angry tirade was sparked when the officers, following official parliamentary security procedures, refused to open the main gate for Mr Mitchell, and, instead, required him to push his bicycle through a side gate.

I have to say, Mitchell's expletive-filled over-reaction to this minor inconvenience demonstrates the misplaced air of superiority felt, and the utter contempt in which we ordinary people seem to be held, by the majority of urban cyclists Tory MPs.

* Postscript (17-Jun-2013): Oh, apparently he might not have. Still, though.

Postscript (27-Nov-2014): Oh, apparently he probably did.

Richard Carter

A fat, bearded chap with a Charles Darwin fixation.


  1. It's true - the level of arrogance displayed by the Tories at the moment is quite stagggering, even for them. In fairness, however, as an unreconstructed Bevanite, I reciprocate their contempt...

  2. I can just imagine all the damage-limitation discussions when it first came out. "Stick to your story because they can't prove you said it".
    To be fair many politicians from the other parties have shown a similar arrogance over the years.

  3. We watched in wonder as a junior member of our armed forces refused entry through a side gate to 2 burly police sargeants at the Paralympics. He said 'sorry lads, I am not authorised to let you in this way. You will need to go through scurity'.
    One of the 2 opportunist coppers (who probably had no business on the premises anyway) mumbled something under his breath before they both plodded off to find a newspaper seller to attack!

  4. re: damage limitation.

    Did you see the footage of Nick Pleb...sorry Clegg at the Lib Dem conference at the weekend. Greeted by a gaggle of hand offering followers he went straight over & shook the hands of 2 burly police officers. He then pushed them over and started beating them with a newspaaaaarrrggghhh!

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