Timely warning

I know people complain that it's nothing but porn and stupid cat videos, but this internet thing has the potential to save lives. This week alone, we have learnt not to eat live cockroaches nor to drink liquid nitrogen.

If I might be allowed to add my tuppence-worth, it is also a very bad idea to run with scissors—especially outside in the snow and ice. A timely warning, I'm sure you'll agree, as winter draws on.

These things need saying, apparently.

Richard Carter

A fat, bearded chap with a Charles Darwin fixation.


  1. My son was at uni in Lancaster and returned there over the weekend and saw the TV cameras outside the bar in question. He was astonished that the story made the BBC and I am also astonished that the story has become the most read story at the Telegraph and is also on the front page at Stuff (NZ news).

    I guess it must be a really quiet day for news. No party conferences, no German chancellors visiting Greece, no dodgy dead DJs...

  2. I think my own contribution would be to counsel against invading Russia in the winter - although, then again, maybe the third time lucky principle will apply next time...

  3. I have made ice-cream using liquid nitrogen at my kids' after-school-club. I occasionally go in and play mad scientist and they love that kind of thing.

    The stuff boils off so fast that it's surprisingly difficult to get burned by it (ooh me' Leidenfrost effect) and you have to be pretty persistent to get any to actually sit in a container (effectively you need to chill the container down with it). Unless she actually drank it out of the flask then both the girl and the barman must have tried pretty hard to get her to actually drink enough liquid to do any damage.

    They say it's safer than boiling water, but then you wouldn't down a shot of boiling water either.

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