This is what happens when you don't invest in nuclear power

Independent: Consumers to pay ‘dirty’ coal power subsidies for years
Britain’s dirtiest coal power stations are to be allowed to bid for hundreds of millions of pounds’ worth of subsidies that could allow them to stay open well into the 2020s. Senior ministers are so worried about the possibility that the UK could suffer electricity blackouts over the next few years they have agreed to let Britain’s coal stations bid for “capacity payment” handouts – paid for through people’s energy bills – which could allow them to upgrade their facilities. If successful, the money would help make coal generation economic well into the 2020s – but significantly reduce the UK’s ability to cut its carbon emissions.

Richard Carter

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  1. Now, remind me about just what is happening in Japan several years after one of their nuclear plants suffered a disaster.

    Remember....nuclear is an anagram of unclear!

    1. What is happening is that Japan has been turning off its nuclear power stations, so the country's carbon-emissions have rocketed. Now, remind me, how many billions of people and how many millions of species are being adversely effected by Japan's and everyone else's carbon emissions?

  2. I could not agree more. Time to build lots more wind turbines. What's a few bats worth anyway?

    Incidentally, ever noticed that whenever somebody comes up with alternatives to petrol driven vehicles the oil companies buy up the righs & then bury ithem.

  3. Yes, one slight problem: Germany, the world-leader on renewables, is betting the bank on them, and has rather foolishly begun to decommission all of its nuclear powerstations. Net result: Germany's carbon emissions have soared. They're soaring pretty much everywhere else too. But why should I care? It's already too late, I have a few more decades left on this planet at best, and I'm not planning to burden it with any Carter offspring.

    The problem is, I do care. Which is why the irresponsibility of the so-called Green movement is so infuriating. A few Greens have seen the light, but the rest are just getting in the way.

    (I wasn't aware that anyone had come up with a viable alternative to petrol/diesel engines yet. But buying up intellectual property rights and then burying rival technologies is pretty standard business practice.)

  4. I read this week that planning permission has been approved for a new wind farm in Yorkshire. Well done, sons of York!

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