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The Official Bruce Springsteen Website: Notes from the road: Leeds

As an enchanted full moon week in the British Isles and end of tour madness continues to thoroughly infuse Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, tonight [Wed, 24-Jul-2013] they opened the brand new, cozily intimate (13,500) Leeds Arena…

For “Hungry Heart” Bruce went to the back of the pit and greeted those in the theater-style seats, who were standing and cheering enthusiastically. He took the opportunity of being in such a small, intimate setting to crowd surf to the stage

I can confirm that the Boss did indeed crowd surf.

Bruce Springsteen surfs the crowd
Bruce Springsteen surfs the crowd.

Bruce Springsteen is 63 years old.

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  1. I'll bet he didn't do it dressed as a parrot like Ade Edmonson did on the Bonzos tour!

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